whY tHe TReeS siNG

whY tHe TReeS siNG

In these mountains 
- the trees sing - 
The rock's gray mood 
The owl's glowing eyes 
The cave bear's slumber 

The ohm rises, as a new moon 
Celestial light fills the valley 
And the trees dance like poets 
      mournful night winds 
And carefully placed melodies 
Fill the dark forest from within 

Sweet notes with heartstrings 
Upon ears so deep 
In thought-ful meditation 
With the one everything 
      To hear their beauty 

Ice dripped clouds held close 
    By mother earth's spiny barbs 
Her majestic giants - vibrate 
    with each move she makes 

Rocking forward and back 
Grooving mood enhanced 
    Slow circles of contentment 
Between each somber wave 

Dance, they must 
Merely to hold onto this feeling 
  And not fall off of the edge

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