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BeTh isBell’s (aka BeThisBell) journey to become the rocker she is today hasn’t - by any means - taken a traditional musician’s path to artistic fruition. Beth, born as a young boy named Bill in Columbus, GA, grew up in the US and Europe through school, college and law school as boy, and then practiced civil rights law for years as a man. After being diagnosed as transgender, Isbell began transitioning and is now, after surgery, a woman. After her transition, she experienced hiring discrimination in returning to law, and at the time, there were no legal protections for trans persons, so she decided to return to college to pursue a new career in music & the arts. 

She auditioned and was admitted to prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, but without a scholarship opted instead to attend The Flaming Lips’ Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma (ACM@UCO), graduating with the school’s first class of bachelor’s degree candidates in Spring 2013.  An accomplished musician with a library of diverse yet equally compelling recordings, Beth’s gift as a songwriter and infectious live performances mix elements of both genders, all while maintaining, at the core, a magical soul and mastery of craft capable of inspiring the hope within all of us to be who you truly are and become our dreams. 

Living as a women in a man’s body was not an easy evolution; Beth was thrown out of clubs and banned from playing some of her favorite venues as her soul and body transitioned. But, she persevered. During this trying period, she focused on song writing and improving her performance skills as the front person for Dallas psychedelic rock band - and underground critic darlings - The Dead Prophets. Beth’s prolific songwriting continued and she placed in several national songwriting competitions. In September 2014, Beth and her band alternative psychedelic band BeThisBell (aka BeTh isBell), a collection of good friends from music college (ACM@UCO) released “We Are The Gods!” - a full-length psychedelic-grunge-punk rock album, produced by Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens).  The band issued a 5 song follow up EP "Work It Out" in April 2015, with Trent Bell again producing. Beth was the main songwriter for both releases. As a result, BeThisBell was invited and performed at the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon in NYC. And was also invited to perform at the Norman Music Festival. 

Beth currently lives in Humboldt County, CA, on the gorgeous North Coast of California, about 4 hours North of San Francisco, where she works as a teacher, poet, songwriter, and working musician. 

In 2021, BeTh isBell officially released the very popular 6 song modern rock EP “Shine On!” Six very uplifting mainstream rock songs intended to uplift, inspire. And, family friendly! The same year, her band BeThisBell also released BeThisBell "Remastered" which featured remastered 24 bit masters of the highlights of full band releases - We Are The Gods?, Work It Out, and the digital album Red. 

Currently, BeTh is also lead guitarist for Matthew Green's project The Colour Green. BeTh crafts massive sonic soundscapes over Green's very catchy singer-songwriter/ear-candy indie pop riffs. The Colour Green has been recording a new album “Yay!” which will be released soon!

In 2023, BeTh offered two new singles “Soul”, a heartfelt, mournful, contemplative, brooding, ultimately uplifting, indie blues-rock tune, which features BeTh’s soulful voice and mesmerizing lead electric guitar work, and “Kief” a psychedelic punk rock tune of a true story about a legendary Humboldt party thrown by local surf rock band The Mother Vines.  Radio DJ Comments on Kief ... as heard on KHUM and KSLG radioi! #Kief #BeThisBell  "Killer! Playin it today for 4:20. Thank you!!" Greta (KHUM)  "This is RADDDDDD! I've got it down for a feature on our Wildcard next Tuesday at 8:30am and 4:30pm!" Sabina (KSLG)

BeTh's professional touring band BeThisBell just finished work on two new albums: 
The Red Album being released on 8.31.24 and The Sun King being released 2.9.25.
Hard hitting alternative college rock with punk, indie, and psychedelic rock overtones!
For more information about BeThisBell the band, scroll down on this page below.

In 2024, BeTh formed a new local West Coast band the - Redwood Revolution - in Humboldt County, CA, where she currently lives. The band features BeTh on guitar and vocals; Hollis Muenster on bass and vocals; Spencer Kennedy on lead guitar and vocals; and Michael Mykeru Cohen on drums. This band has shows booked at several local breweries and rock clubs in Humboldt County. See the Redwood Revolution page on this website for more info.

BeTh isBell's music has been described as "edgy, subversive," "passionate," "innovative," "alternative art at its best"
"which redefines 'dark' as a plausible blend of the psychedelic & the acoustic!", and BeTh as "an artist who is truly one of a kind!"  
BeTh is a 3 time Top 10 category finalist in the USA Songwriting Contest -and- a TAXI Top 10 monthly songwriter pick (7/08).

I am the bastard love child of Janis Joplin & Jim Morrison, except that one day while Jimbo took a trip in the desert,
Janis was in NYC banging Lou Reed. It's all a little fuzzy from there ... and yes, I'm actually a girl! ... well, currently!
I recently received my Bachelor's degree in music performance and music business in May 2013 from ACM@UCO.
I would like to eventually teach.  And tour.  That would be sweet.  And fight.  For your right to be yourself too.

I am a songwriter.  A teller of tales.  A painter of sounds.

Thanks for your support!
BeTh isBell

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