Artist Interview & Listening Session with BeTh isBell / BeThisBell
by John Hardin, The Adventurous Ear, Syndicated FM Radio Show
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Big Mama Acid & the Cosmic Argonauts
featuring "Ray T" Triana & Jason Trevino

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Band vocalist & guitarist BeTh isBell on the story behind the September 2014 BeThisBell album WE ARE THE GODS!
"You know that the new album tells a story, or people tell me it does :) ... perhaps, it's this story, which is my story, but all of our stories:

Prelude:Turn it up! Ready for this ride?
It starts with rage against your anger,
a rage, transferred to your hometown,
and which, infects your relationships,
until you experience a close death,
and begin the search to find yourself,
and to explore the fun, break the rules,
and begin to realize to bleed is important,
that we are all gods seeking/radiating love,
and you finally decide just to be who you are.

I suppose you could think of that as one line, per song, in album order. ;)"



And, the Album that started it all ....
The Good Woman Waltz
Nashville & Red Dirt Full Band Country