wHy HaS cuLTuRE tAuGHt mE?

wHy HaS cuLTuRE tAuGHt mE?
(Alternating line co-write with Courtnie "Gork" Burns)

Why has culture taught me? ... 

That I am weak, inferior, incapable or less capable than a pronoun; 

I am not a subject here to experience, but an object to be experienced; 

That showing society my private parts will determine my path or the doors open to me; 

That privilege is for those who conform to the roles given them; 

I am the color you assign me; that I will fit in better if I just accept cultural norms which technology, science, and reason tell me are no longer true or even necessary; 

I am inherently evil and deficient, which is why I must submit to higher authority or else be punished; thinking for myself is dangerous and inappropriate; 

That beauty is a product or industry, and that I am ugly if I do not also play along; 

I am not good enough as is, so I need constant validation from others 
whether in person or via social media; 

Being cat-called while walking down the street is offensive, 
but getting free stuff for looking good is a blessing; 

That I can only love whomever someone else decides is appropriate for me to love; 

That the decisions I make about what to wear or when to walk around 
are directly responsible for others deciding to violate me; 

That it is not ladylike for me to do ... anything! - 
or that my power lies in my ability to manipulate you, sexually; 

I am here to look cute in the passenger's seat while the driver makes all the decisions; 

I have the rights to cook, clean, spread my legs, as long as I keep my mouth shut; 

That finding a mate is more important than finding myself; or that, 

As a woman, I have to agree with any of this.


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