WhiTE chOcOLaTEs

WhiTE chOcOLaTEs
(A Voice for Victims of Alzheimer's

If I never remember why I wrote this poem, 
At least, I will have captured it. 

I can study the lines, 
Read between them. 
Analyze, demystify, 
Even proselytize. 

Whatever message I derive. 
It's still my mind, after all. 

If I never remember why I wrote this poem, 
At least, I can celebrate. 

Cheer the process, the production, 
any hidden eloquence in it's lines. 
I can assign different meanings 
Than I originally intended. 

I find joy in the printed page, 
For brief moments of clarity, 
Because you are here, 
Even if I can't remember why. 

Hold my hand. 
Hug my soul. 
Cherish time. 
Make me laugh. 

Help me through the day. 
And I, in return, will love 
you forever. In heaven, 
When I can remember again, 
I will keep watch, 
To keep you safe. 

And in my remaining lucid moments, 
Just know, I still love mint ice cream, 
White chocolates, and walks on the beach. 
What girl doesn't? 

Know that I am in here. 
I see you. I love you. 

I thank you. 

Please remember me this.


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