tHis ThiNG, tHis GiFt

tHis ThiNG, tHis GiFt

Will I lose the words I have right now? 
Or will I fail to write them down? 
This thing, this gift, this who knows what? 
- the thing you catch while it's still hot - 
You know the vibe, the feel, the sound, 
The chase to run this mother down 
And catch it here on instrument, on paper, and in mind 
just long enough to wash it off and help the feeling shine 
and then be freed to change the world, 
or not, as sometimes goes, or just be there, 
to tell the muse, I'll be here next time too. 

And I cannot help but think you know 
this thing of which I speak. 
This gift of light, or dark, to share 
and ask, do you see me? 
And if they do, and your aim is true, 
the gift may pierce their shield 
just long enough to cause a thought 
to help a human heal. 

And what a gift we have with this 
that makes a person smile 
And fills their head with images 
to consider for a while.


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