THe QuEEn oF PoTeNTiaL

THe QuEEn oF PoTeNTiaL 

I am the Queen of Potential and unrequited dreams.
My confidence slain at the altar of your expectations 
   Your doubts only serving to fertilize the soiled wasteland In which 
I cultivate my own fears of inadequacy But at least, in that, I am successful. 

For if you challenge me to fail, I will succeed
And if you challenge me to succeed, I will fail
   At least, in that, I am consistent, or am I?

For your hope in me is born in my inconsistency
  Which means that I must have already succeeded in your eyes
Somewhere among my many failures, and perhaps I can again
Or perhaps you’re just being nice, already having determined
   That I will never fulfill your initial expectations of me.
You euphemistically saddle me with “potential” to justify 
   Your prophesy and to excuse my failure to perform
   Up to your expectations of my suspected grandeur
As if you needed reinforcement to prevent your doubts
Of my ability to fulfill your expectations from actually occurring.
Doubts of my failure or doubts of my success
I doubt that any of it truly matters, to me, or except to me

For I am the Queen of Potential and unrequited dreams
And within me hope springs eternal, and for that
I will potentially be eternally grateful.

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