I think of the black fuzzy moth
Fluttering like a soul, free
Upon the winds of the ocean shore
Whose red wings captivate my focus
As she floats effortlessly down to me
And perches herself upon the only foliage
With me upon this magnificent balcony
Spreading the bright red luminescence
Of her perfectly shaped wings, as if to say
You and I are both brilliant as the sun.
Our spirits embrace as she flies away.

Fragile is the life she held in her palms
New, tender, but already hardened to our surroundings.
Bright lights, intermittently shining on the stars
Gasping for breath, affection, attention, love, direction,
And the warmth of their mother’s nest.
Wiping the Sand from their eyes and the tears from our own.
Fifty or so peer out cautiously at all the man-made
Hooplah. Fanfare and commotion, pomp-n-stance.
Big stars, they are, for rookies. They don’t even
Know how to swim yet, but they all crawl toward
Instinct. The alpha and omega of nature. The fortunate,
The hard-workers, the lucky, and the brave, shall return
So yet another child may experience the wonder
Of creation; the cycle of magic that begets life. 

As she held the baby Leatherback in her hand
I looked instead into her eyes and saw youth.

Starflakes dancing upon my breasts
Falling one by one back into the sea
The light of the universe dances upon me
And melodies sweet guide the stars
For me, to me I am one with God
She is magnifico!

…and I touched her.

I am only saddened by the fact
That I cannot live in this moment forever
And once I depart, I shall be unable with pen
Or tongue, to ever describe this experience
This vibe, this calm night, justly. The night
Stars from heaven bathed me in their magic.
I am one with Grace. She is in me.


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