ThE MAntIS aNd tHe WhALe

ThE MAntIS aNd tHe WhALe

Praying mantis just sits on the ledge
He stares back at me but won’t move
My head is dead and so is Lou Reed
It’s getting harder to stay in the groove.

Orange butterflies float by the pool
Blue heaven just hangs on the wall
Strange-colored orbs sway dance among trees
White sunglasses stare at it all.

   Old Spanish cross near an old rusty saw
   Birds keeping bad time with their chirping
   And the poet she calls on old muses to dance
   While their words scurry into her poem.

   Skull painted blue, and a mind that is black
   Insane spiders reach out from her Mars
   Tibetan death circles, drawn in red candle wax
   In her words mad, I have found a new home.

One friend drinks ’til he sees it no more
One flies to the clouds but can’t see
One just searches, she’s the best kind of friend
And the other reminds me of me.

Little old man stands still on the sea
While everything rocks all around
I’m just standing here listening to me
And the sound that I make while I drown.

Crazy cat with a bird on her back
And now she dreams of being a whale.


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