rAiN teArS

rAiN teArS

Hello world, it’s Friday. 
A famous one at that. 

A forest gnome came to visit me today. 
Ricky. I played him a song. 
He played me too. Intrigued, 
I was. 
David Byrne would be proud. 

He wrote a book about it, you know. 

The kind-hearted blonde business owner 
makes me put sugar in my coffee. 
She thinks it’s much better for me. 
I’m diabetic. 
She thinks she’s saving the world. 
I think it’s rotting my teeth. 

TV is full of warriors and war. 
YouTube is full of souls looking 
for saviors. Google is full of clues. 
Facebook is full of Prussians, 

Want to hear my new song? 
(voice: ) “Quarter for a cigarette?” 
I’m like Lucy, less the loving Ricky part. 
You know, a Lucy will get you killed. 
Dark fact. Of the darkest type of society. 

At one with all the money. 
Or monsters. Money monsters. 

Evil turns the sky into clouds 
...of acid and chemical highs. 
Lucy’s in the sky. Listening. 

Do you want to hear a new tune? 
It’ll make you croon 
Like a coon 
Who’s just treed a jackrabbit. 
(And that’s hard to do.) 

OK, here goes: 

Rain tears, on my window sill, 
‘cause I’m happy... 
I’ve got nothing to fear, nothing to fear, 
nothing to fear. 

Rainbows, in the redwood trees, 
make me happy... 
‘cause I’m thinking of you, thinking of you, 
thinking of you. 

Sun beams, thru the shiny dew ferns, 
come to save me... 
come to save me... 
They're reaching out, reaching out, 
to keep me alive. 

Rain tears, got me dancing again,
in the sunlight...

in the sunlight...
Never again, never again,
to be sad. 

Never again, never again,
to be sad.

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