LEss tHan HuMAn

LEss tHan HuMAn
Empowerment for the transgender community. 

Why must I defend my right to exist?
Anymore than yours to ridicule me?
Does it put you ahead in the line?
Will you get there first? More rights?
Bigger status? Pay? A bigger house?
Will it help you bond with other bigots?  

Why does it matter if I made a choice?
Or scientifically had no choice? Or both?
Does one answer earn you a license to hate?
While the other somehow cures your anger?  

Isn’t mother nature capable of making mistakes?
Or, Getting it right, on her own, without your biased opinion?
And if she does either, what is it to you that she does?  

Why can’t I be who my brain says I am?
And if I so choose, or have no choice,
Why are my rights ever less than yours?  

Did your one God not also create me?
And isn’t that, I am human, proof enough?

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