iF i NeVEr wRiTe tHiS pOEm

iF i NeVEr wRiTe tHiS pOEm

If I never write this poem 
I might never have met you 
been able to guess all your secrets 
or undressed you in my mind 
all before you finish 
    the next line 

I might never have gone skinny-dipping 
under the brightly colored stringers 
in the calm bay waters, freezing, 
while thinking about your eyes 
and what your life will be like 
If I never write this poem 

I could never say what I think 
unless, of course, you are as bizarre 
and fun, as I think, you might be 
    dancing among the pink tutus 
trying to see, and avoid being crushed 
by the spinning hippopotami, of 
a culture that consumes too much 

If I never write this poem 
    I could never say how I feel 
about our future together 
without clean water, or GMOs, or 
tiny homes for all the homeless 
people, the money chase 
creating nothing beautiful, 
except when it benefits all 
our collective future, kind 
being the best part of man. 

And I might never think 
to write about my mother 
or pen a line, send a thought, 
a smile, to make her cry, laugh, 
and remember the day she 
first brought my giggles home 
how would she ever know 
    how much I love her now 
Some details can never 
be artfully spoken 

If I never write this poem 

Would your life be different 

If the people around you 
    knew how you truly felt 

Truth is not always love 
But love is always truth 
I wish more people knew this 

I wish more people knew 
    the words I put on paper 
And scream to the crimson sky gods 
when the muses are drinking again 
    this time, Vodka, bloody marys, 
with giant stalks of mint green 
celery, salt, splash of worcestershire 
heart-breaking pain, on a pretty page, 
served with fish-egg hors d'oeurves 
and only the finest French cheese, 
being one of the only luxuries left, 
a poor man can still afford, to love 
something you might never ponder 
If I never write this poem 

Let it be known that I love my girls, 
even if I feel like a failure to them 
    If I never write this poem 
How would they ever know, 
this is how I express my love.


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