i MaKE A mEAn peCAN PiE


I drink milk like ice water  
and white coffee like tea
I relish warm croissants  
with butter and honey
dripping onto my chin  
Nothing beats cheeseburgers
other than New York style pizza.
Brooklyn, you've won me over  
I make a mean pecan pie
Grandma's old state fair recipe
now franchised in the pie case
at your favorite national pie chain
I can't fathom my ex did that,
but it's a great recipe and I might
tell you the secret, next time you visit  
My mother always burned the bread
Well, not always, but more than usual
What I imagine as usual, reports vary
Most families have their table secrets
I have learned to lust crisp flaky crust  
Lasagna, made with cream cheese,
if you want to feel rich and luxurious
And nothing beats Cajun red beans
on a bed of jambalaya topped rice
for the most elegant of comfort foods
or, a chicken-fried steak, white gravy
hand-made butter mashed potatoes
and steaming pan of hot-crossed rolls  
Fresh strawberries, pineapple chunks,
with hand-whipped whipping cream
Warm vanilla wafer banana pudding
Hot tapioca and cold rice pudding
- mint chocolate chip ice cream  
These are a few of my favorite things  
Just musing on the exploration of
preferences that make each of us
unique, and my love of black olives. 

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