Levitation inspiration 
Illuminati of illumination 
Dedication, determination 
Radio free world medication 
Celebration of hate negation 

Separation is not moderation 
Aberration of experimentation 
Modulation of the conversation 
Elevation above disassociation 

Blood aspiration, binary extermination 
Speculation yields mental radiation 
Vaporization begets distillation of 
Prostration in education, interpretation 

Colorization of sexual integration 
Administration's castrated fixation 
And mutation of logical ostentation 
Translation: gender contamination 

He/she don't get the they variation 
So time for opinion reformation 
Acceleration of free association 
By demonstration, or legislation 

Assassination of female objectification 
And an end to correlation of orientation 
We favor application of true equalization 
= Radical thoughts of a new generation


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