ExiSTenTiALisT MoTHeRs

ExiSTenTiALisT MoTHeRs

Existentialist mothers 
Save the soul of the whole
Understanding nothing is
Absurd, yet everything is.

We are what we create.
Art is therefore important,
Not merely because it exists,
But because it teaches us—
Beauty. Reflection. Meaning.

Art is our collective consciousness.
In it, we find the unspoken truths.
In it, we can find ourselves, and
Our connection to everything—
To everyone. And the thoughts
Of all of our ancestors’ offspring. 

Existentialist mothers
Understand nothing
Except the question is
necessary to the answer.

   There is joy in the journey.
   Live life like you intend it.
  Truth is the only real path.
  And Love, the only real connection.

  Find who and what you love.
  Collect it, cherish it, become it.
  In this nothing exists everything.

Existentialist mothers
Teach us that to become
We must be. Beautiful.


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