dAnCE, wE muST

dAnCE, wE muST

College, Fairfax to Virginia Beach 
fearless foursome, road tripping 
crashing on the sands dune 
baked lobsters by mid-noon 
with two freezers full of beer 
three crates of fresh crabs
cheering, faux minors league.

Professional party animals 
- lounging by the pool -
gorgeous, full of faux sun, 
after crushing the local foe 
have crashed our finest gala. 

24 hours of psychotic bliss- 
I want, more of this - feeling 
now that I am growing older, 
less bold, and distant in time 
from the triumphs of my youth. 

Dance, we must, merely to 
hold onto this feeling and 
not fall off of the edge. As 
my pen reminds me daily 
- ever slandering it's truth.

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