I have pondered many things 
Like birds that fly without their wings
One babe born poor, and one to kings
The meaning of love, and what it brings
Oh, I have pondered many things.

Like ants that eat an anteater
And why am I so insecure
Do fish all have their favorite lure
Or ever need a manicure?
Oh, I have pondered many things.

The zebra’s stripes, I think about
Are they inside in or inside out?
Is black a color, and white without?
And must I take the roundabout?
And if I do, will it let me out?
Oh, I have pondered many things.

Does whipped cream ever eat a cherry?
Or is this thought incendiary?
Perhaps it will soon be legendary
To those who are more literary.
Is every moment, momentary?
Oh, I have pondered many things.

At times I think I think too much
Is reality real, or just a crutch?
Can a stick shift drive without a clutch?
Do flights of fancy, fancy such?
Must writing have a personal touch?
Oh, I have pondered many things.

And when I wish upon a star
Does grammar matter who I are?
If I was smart, would I go far?
Is whiskey better from a jar?
Do feathers always come with tar?
Oh, I have pondered many things.

Will the internet still be around
When robots tear the whole thing down?
Am I afraid of silly clowns?
Or just the ones who wear the crowns?
Is knowledge just a hand-me-down?
Oh, I have pondered many things.

Yes, I have pondered many thoughts
Are words okay? They’re all I’ve brought
This tempest, tea, and work I’ve wrought
Oh, how I long to be a cosmonaut
To catch the dreams that I have sought
And lessons learned that I have taught
For in the present, I have naught.
And yet I ponder many things.

The more I lose, the more I cling
To poetry and thoughtful things
Of value none, except to me
These tortured thoughts that torture me
Oh, I have pondered many things
Like why I end this poem with be.

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