A' La MoDE

A' La MoDE

I live to eat poems in my mouth
To taste the sweet nectar of their graceful lines
And digest the lessons ever so eloquently shared
Whilst I baste my mind in their gift of perspective.

I live to eat poems in my mouth
To swirl their word choices playfully on my tongue
So I may propel them with fury at a willing audience
Enjoying the eroticism of the poet’s subtle foreplay.

I live to eat poems in my mouth.
I gather words carefully from the writer’s fields, where,
They grow, in schools and books, and serious conversation,
And all nooks in our poet blind society
  that prize imagination.

I live to eat poems in my mouth
Because they are survival food in my neighborhood
Where the commercialization of everything has arrived,
Conquered, and robbed our minds of all that is noble.

I even eat poems that do not make sense;
Being obtuse is a delicacy the busy avoid
However, I am not looking to be busy, but free
Even if only on this page, for this moment.

Where true inner beauty comes to life, and,
Wisdom is found in both truth and illusion. 

For I live to eat poems in my mouth
So I may, one day, return their favor.

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