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"Red" by BeThisBell

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Welcome to the strange psychedelic eclectically talented mind & music of BeThisBell

Musician (Vocalist, Guitarist) and Songwriter
psychedelic, blues, rock, indie, alternative, red dirt folk, R&B, jazz, country

Poet and Published Author

4 Books: The Book of Green Goo, The Broken Whale, Pieces of Humboldt, Psychotic Kittens
Coming soon: The Tent (adult contemporary) and The Huffalumpalus Tree (children)

Entertainer and Event Host
Event Host, Legendary Open Mic, Blondies, Arcata, CA (3 years, local & national booking)

Teacher of Guitar and Life Lessons

The Colour Green (Arcata, CA)
Matthew Green ∆ Vocals, Guitars
BeTh isBell ∆ Electric Guitars

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Big Mama Acid & The Cosmic Argonauts

BeTh isBell • Guitars, Vocals
Ray Triana • Lead Guitars, Trumpet
Jason Trevino • Drums, Vocals

Videos feature Brice Logan on bass for live shows!

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