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  1. Roadhouse Blues
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Roadhouse Blues

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Cover of Roadhouse Blues by The Doors (under license from Doors Music Publ.)

The Best Of The Dead Prophets album (2010)
Available as download only FREE+donation

Shortly after the turn of the century, in a land far away, as rock was evolving and the cauldron was stirring, a legendary Texas trio was creating the direction of rock that is, was, & will forever be … welcome to the foundation of, the neo-classic rock movement.

“The Dead Prophets are here. Mike Clark, Bill Isbell and Ms. Morgan, bring Dallas to life with their unexpected brand of music. This trio of cross-influenced musicians brings retro feel with new ideas to create a blend of innovative tunes that exemplify the braggadocios-ness that is Texas music. The band’s music explodes with artistry at every turn as the multi-dimensional arrangements speak volumes about how rock music has evolved. Each song sounds like an old song and like a new song. Hats off to the DPs!!!” My Texas Music.com “Absolutely brilliant!” Melody Syre, Ass. Ed., Buddy Magazine.

This CD presents the dead prophets at their entire best. The first four songs are from their self-titled studio demo release in November 2004. The middle four songs were tape –recorded live at Muddy Waters in Dallas, TX, in April 2005, and feature the addition of Andy Van Hausen on bass. While the recording is rough, the band’s fire shines through. This is not radio pop polished in production tricks, it’s raw rock emotion. The final four cuts are bonus tracks. Three tracks set to be included on a full-length CD had they made it back to the studio and an alternate version of Camille. Perhaps a reunion is in the future, but even if not, their record, this record, is a true cult classic. AND IT'S YOURS FREE TO DOWNLOAD! Enjoy!

©2010 The Dead Prophets - BeTh isBell / Mike Clark / Carol Dierking / Kim Nabors - and WCI Music / WCI Publishing, L.L.C.