The Broken Whale 2022

A ride through the songwriting of BeTh isBell. One or two songs from every album or EP released by BeTh in the order they were released. Makes for an interesting stylistic journey through time. If you hear something you like, all these songs, full albums, or EPs, are available on BeTh's Bandcamp page: -or- on this website. Most of the lyrics for these songs can be found in BeTh''s first poetry book The Broken Whale (2015) which is also available on this website.

From Beth's first album - Bill Isbell's The Good Woman Waltz (2005):
Serenity 00:00
Home 03:24
From BeTh's first Live EP - Live @ Blue Moon (2007):
Misunderstood Trilogy (Live) 08:18
From BeTh's first Studio EP - The Awakening EP (2008):
Fireflies 13:01
From Beth's first indie rock adventure - The Aardvark EP (2009):
Colors 16:57
From the full band album The Best of The Dead Prophets (2010):
Cobainity 18:25
From the heavily acclaimed album BeThisBell's We Are The Gods! (2014):
We Are The Gods! 23:02
Bleed 4-20 27:42
She's Not Catholic [Explicit] 32:02
From the follow-up EP to WATG! - Work It Out EP (2015):
Work It Out 34:29
Words [Explicit] 39:13
From the popular EP - Shine On! EP (2016 / Remastered 2021):
Shine On! 44:54
Love Sublime 48:48
From Beth Isbell & Jory Edwards live acoustic EP - The Sun King (2018):
Boxes (Live) 53:32
Sun King (Live) 57:26
From BeThisBell's album - Red (2020) / BeThisBell Remastered (2021):
Keif 01:02:10

Bonus Telephone Mix Tracks:
BeTh's first ever studio recording EP of the same name (2004):
$50 and a Cigarette 01:04:57
BeTh's first band - The Flying Lennys EP (2005):
Peoria 01:08:03
Bonus Track on The Best of The Dead Prophets (2010):
The Lament of Sid Vicious (Live) 01:11:09

All songs written by BeTh isBell, except the last 1/2 of Misunderstood Trilogy (Bob Dylan/R. Stones) and the bridge in We Are The Gods! (David Bowie). ©2022 Beth Isbell / WCI Music Publishing. All rights reserved.