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Psychotic Kittens by Sarah Isbell (Release 12/28/2016, but available now!)

phenomenal pies and poets are always the best tasting ones

---"punk poets" by Sarah Isbell

If you enjoy vivid imagery, exotic tastes, clever rhymes, interesting themes, and poignantly satisfying, or disturbing, thoughts, pick up this book! From forging the creative brand-new genre of "Poem Noir" to the final poem "Poetic Inspiration's" perfectly penned lines, Sarah Isbell's Psychotic Kittens delivers all the soul-dripping inspiration and psychosis-induced madness that we've come to expect from her writing. Poems of swell kittens and inkwells bloodred, of punk poets and frog kings, to give voice to victims of Alzheimer's and to explore the naked truths of "hot pancakes, with sticky maple syrup, chunks of peanut butter, fresh chopped walnuts, and banana's a' la mode." From the bone echo to orangutans of hope, clever craftsmanship compels Isbell's poem store of a book beyond an exquisite mastery of the simple rhyme and into the realm of "Dude, you've so got to read this poem." Adopt your very own psychotic kitten by taking this book home and sharing it with your friends. Bunny ears not included.

150 pages - $9.99 ebook/PDF download

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