StEp uP

StEp uP

The ocean’s lungs 
Rock my four-thousand pound vehicle 
On a calm day, full of blessed light. 
Farther South, they’d set up a blanket. 
On the North Coast, our cars keep us 
Warm, protected from the bone winds, 
A cacoon, a womb, a blue picnic table. 

Clouds slide across the azure like skates. 
Mind numbed by irreconcilable truths. 
The beach is marked by a black flag. 
I used to know what that means. 
But today, nothing but numbness. 

A hollowness exists in our hope. 
Our bliss laden vision of the future 
Fails to account for manipulation, 
Or malintention of capitalist paradigms. 
Profit drives progress, and destruction. 
Our society is churning with new ideas” 
- each generation brings the wisdom of the prior’s teaching. You can see it... 

in the innocent commitment of the Parkland kids, never again. Women standing up for full equality, me too! And in the recognition of white oppression, privilege, and our discriminatory policing, and business, models. Black lives matter. 
Our history is shame filled. 

But does our future have to also be? 

Teach our children well 
Their parents hell 
Will be their mission, 
Challenge. To overcome. 
Their rage, progress. 
Their desires, dreams. 
Their visions, their children’s 
Path toward the Nirvana - 
Of humanity ensuring the 
Continued survival of our 
Species, beyond this planet, 
Beyond limits of aging, disease, 
And even serious medical trauma. 

Life is not work. Beyond necessary. 
We have robots, advanced technology. 

So how should, will, we occupy our time? Will we still be as judgmental? 
Or outlaw such thoughts altogether? 
Will our society be driven by noble pursuits, science, an ethical code that allows, rewards, creativity & freedom? 
You’re not working hard enough... 
On your imagination. Step up. 

My vehicle rocks like a cradle. 
My mind reacting like an infant. 
Full of mystical wonder and doubt. 
Equal amounts of knowing and not. 
In the end, the thoughts matters not, 
Only that which survives the shifting sands, the acid rains, the twisting of human myth to the service of power. 
Choose your rules and leaders wisely. 

Live with noble purpose. 

Tell each other the truth. 

Share your wisdom. 

Love your neighbor. 

Vibrate the strings... 
Upon which the dancer glides 
Effortlessly in such radiance - 
That you can see God within. 

That is the essence of this experience. 
In this dimension. Before the next. 
This collectively shared delusion. 

Seek it out, find it often. Refine it. 
It is both your path, and refuge. 

If we all help each other succeed, 
Achieve, inspire, and create love, 
Joyful, full of positive intention - 
Our species will thrive. And conquer 
This, our greatest of challenges: 
Mutual cooperation, harmonic peace. 

If only we, as individuals, and species, 
Step up.

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