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Work It Out EP (CD)

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BeThisBell Work It Out (EP)
 (Essex Music Intl.)

Sounds like David Bowie, Santana, REM, Frank Black/Pixies, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, The Dead Weather

BeThisBell (aka BeTh isBell) is alternative stadium glam rock with psychedelic, proto-punk, and blues-rock influences, and is proud to unveil her sophomore EP, “Work It Out.” On the heels of her September 2014 album “We Are The Gods!” - which garnered a publishing deal with Essex Music Intl., Inc., (who also represents David Bowie’s artist catalog) and TRO Workshop Productions - BeThisBell and producer Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens) have delivered another exquisitely crafted work of art, full of excellent performances. Suggested singles are #5 Shine On, with it’s big stadium rock chorus, and #2 Bleed, about pouring one’s soul out on stage, or weed and psychedelic drugs, we’re not sure, lol. The title cut #1 Work It Out works for either AAA or Adult Contemporary format. #4 Hometown (Reprise) is a shorter version and reference back to one of the most popular songs on BeTh’s “We Are The Gods!” album. The album version was explicit, this EP version is not. Track #3 Words does contain explicit FCC content, but may be very genre appropriate for late night / early morning college radio / indie rock shows.

©2015 BeThisBell / WCI Publishing, L.L.C. / Essex Music International, Inc. / TRO Workshop Productions, Inc.

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